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Effective June 1st, 2019 access to the “Treatment Plans” page will be removed. You may obtain copies of review determination letters issued prior to 12/1/2018 by contacting Fulcrum’s Provider Service team at (888) 638-7719. For initial notifications and ongoing care requests for dates of service on or after 12/1/2018, please use QConnect.

Important CIGNA Claims Reminder: Please submit claims for CIGNA members whose chiropractic benefits are administered by HealthPartners/ChiroCare, to ChiroCare rather than to CIGNA directly. Claims submitted directly to CIGNA will not be recognized as coming from a participating provider, and will be either denied or processed with the out of network benefits. Claim submission instructions can be found on the Plan Summary documents which are available on the Admin Resources tab of ChiroCare Connect.

ICD Lookup Tool: The ICD-10 Lookup tool found on ChiroCare Connect will assist in determining whether the code can be used as an acceptable neuromuscular diagnosis, but does not identify Medicare or Medicaid primary diagnosis codes. You will find the ICD-10 Lookup tool within the Clinical Resources tab, under the heading Provider Tools.

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